I woke up at my usual time (around 7am) and lazed in bed for a little before making a move. After a breakfast of oats, almonds, sultanas, currants, dried apricot and fresh nectarine, I set up a little work station and set about crossing things off my to-do list. My greatest priority is entering a few months’ worth of diary entries into the WordPress system, so that I don’t have to touch my blog again until mid-January. My second priority is planning the same period’s worth of Instagram photos. Thirdly, I’d like to write my next newsletter, which is long overdue. If I complete all of this in record time, then I might even be able to work on my proposal to get a travel grant being offered by Australian Geographic and North Face. Hunger encouraged me to take a break and grab some food. I returned to the same kebab shop I visited yesterday. In the evening I returned to the same restaurant at which I’d had dinner last night too. I like returning to the same places so that I can be a familiar face (and be surrounded by familiar faces) – it creates a small sense of belonging, which is an important feeling when you spend so much time by yourself in foreign places where it’s easy to feel lost sometimes.

Riding around town yesterday

Accommodation $ Backpacker hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 24,662