I made friends with a couple of guys who work at the hostel when they invited me to join them for lunch. There was a group of old guys enjoying a feast in the corner (possibly related to the owners of the place) and I think they might have over catered. Thus, I was able to enjoy the famous Van fish for the first time. In addition to a large tray of freshly barbecued, whole fish, we had fresh bread, spring onions, flat leaf parsley and normal onion. I created round after round of mini kebabs until only one fish was left. I was too full by then to be able to finish it off. The two guys, Furkan and Velat, are studying English at the local university and work at the hostel part time so they can practise the language with guests. If I stay until Monday then I will join them at the university and have a look around. I continued to hang out with them after lunch, learning how to play backgammon over tea. Turkey (or at least this part) serves its tea in distinctively shaped glasses: they narrow in the middle. After completing my ‘work’ for the day (more diary entries and Instagram prep) I ventured out of the hostel quickly to get some groceries, buying a bagful of vegetables for 4l (AU$1.40), as well as some pasta and sauce.

Lake Van

Accommodation $ Backpacker hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 24,662