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Day 926 (Turkey Day 5)

I didn’t leave the hostel once today. The day was much the same as yesterday, complete with another amazing lunch courtesy of the hostel. This time it consisted of fresh bread, salad and some very delicious home-made ‘things’ that I can’t remember the name of. It was a rice-based mixture stuffed inside an outer layer of an onion or wrapped in what might have been cabbage leaves. Kind of like dolmades. I was told they are a traditional Kurdish food. I made more friends today when university mates of the two guys working here came around. These poor students are desperate to have native speakers to talk to, but so far I have been the only one at the hostel while I’ve been here. I was invited to stay at the home of one of the guys and I will move in tomorrow. This is good for me as it will save me money, and it is good for the guy as, being a student of English, he will a unique chance to practise the language. Having come from Iran, it’s easy to compare Turkish people with Iranians. So far I have found them to be just as friendly, but more reserved. Whereas Iranians will completely open up to you without any effort on your part, Turkish people seem more likely to wait for you to make a move or show interest first.

Husrev Pasa Mosque

Accommodation $ Backpacker hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 24,662

4 Responses to “Day 926 (Turkey Day 5)”

  1. Phillip Stonehouse

    How is the bike holding up? What was the manufacturer’s response on the question of frame compromise from the Kazakh welding job that went wrong? I am really impressed with your mental strength, but is the bike doing as well as the rider??

    • Budgie Escapee

      Hi Phillip. They told me that the frame was basically done – better replaced than fixed, because even if a repair was possible it would represent a weak spot. I haven’t consulted anyone else about it. My repair job continued to hold up and I never had to think about it again. In the future I may create a bracket to direct the weight of the loaded rear rack onto a different part of the frame.

      • Phillip Stonehouse

        Thanks very much. Perhaps the manufacturer will gift you a new frame at some stage, given all the positive publicity it is getting?? In the meantime, take care and please continue the interesting posts. I am full of admiration for your positive spirit, physical and mental stamina and the way you are dealing with the constant challenges, all on your own.

        • Budgie Escapee

          That would be nice but no, they didn’t hint at such an offer and I didn’t suggest it either. Just something for me to deal with and learn from. Thanks for the kind words 😊


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