Having failed on Sunday, Yusuf and I had success at posting a bunch of my stuff to Australia. It was almost enough to fill a small pannier bag and it weighed several kilograms, so I’m very glad to be rid of it. Temporarily at least. It is stuff that is important to me. We walked from the post office to Bak Hele Bak, a place well known for its breakfast. Van’s breakfasts are apparently generally famous, but those served here particularly so. We were joined by Sib, Ozge and Sozanne. The feast didn’t disappoint: breads, cheeses, eggs, meat, halva, jam…a ginormous gastronomic delight.

While Yusuf went to university, I returned home where I worked on organising photos and videos, and generally resting, until evening, when Yusuf and two friends arrived. Food was on all of our minds so we headed out and got some lahmacun to take home, along with cool drink and snacks. We stayed up until 2am chatting. Again, I relished spending time with locals learning as much as I could about Turkish life and culture.


Accommodation New friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 24,662