Today is my last day in Van. I spent it hanging out a bit more with the great friends I have made. On the way to a book fair, Yusuf had to stop into a government office to sort something out with a water bill. I was looking forward to the book fair, until I remembered I was in Turkey and very few books would be English. I came away empty-handed. We then ventured into the city where we met up with Ozge and went bowling before having a drink at a juice bar. While Ozge went home, Yusuf and I joined Furkan and Velat at the mall. They ‘made’ me approach a movie ticket vendor to ask about movie times, getting a kick out of seeing her face when she realised I was a foreigner speaking English. Going along with it seemed easier than protesting the silly idea. After dinner at Hungry Jack’s, I farewelled Furkan and Velat and headed home with Yusuf, stopping off at a supermarket to buy some last minute groceries for tomorrow’s return to the saddle.

Van city

Accommodation New friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 24,662