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Day 933 (Turkey Day 12)

After an amazing time living in Van, I am now on the move again. Having stayed in Van longer than expected, I feel extra pressure to move across Turkey at a decent pace. I won’t necessarily act on this pressure too much though, as I value my day-to-day experiences too much. That is, should I feel the need to stop anywhere because I love it, I won’t hesitate. Even though it would be nice to reach France (my current planned end point) by January, I’m not going to sacrifice nice experiences along the way just to say I’ve made it. The ride today was very pleasant. The sun just managed to keep me warm enough as I followed the edge of Lake Van westwards. The scenery was pretty spectacular, especially with the trees being painted in bright autumn colours. I stopped riding at 3.30pm and decided to call it a day. If I am to maintain steady progress across Turkey, I have to push myself to 80% each day so that I don’t overdo things and need extra rest. I have made camp next to a dry stream that is lined with large trees. I placed my tent strategically, so it is blocked as much as possible from the main road and a smaller road running from the main road to a small village nestled in nearby hills. I haven’t paid much attention to when the sun sets lately, so I thought I had a bit more time up my sleeve than I did. After setting up my tent, I progressed my travel grant proposal. It was at 5.15pm that I stepped back and realised it was pretty much night time. Consequently, I ate dinner and did my dishes in the dark. All the while I froze. I am mostly warm now I am tucked away in my tent and sleeping bag, but my feet are still stinging a bit with cold. I need to adapt though; things won’t be getting any warmer.


Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 85.08km
Average cycling speed 18.9kph
Total distance ridden 24,748km


One Response to “Day 933 (Turkey Day 12)”

  1. Roelof Gort

    Steady going Mark. When I’m right you wonn’t come to the Netherlands. But……when you are going to cross Germany, let me know. Maybe we can meet somewhere end off this year.

    Have good trip. Roelof Gort


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