It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between laziness and a need for more rest. I reluctantly got moving and decided I was just feeling a little lazy. My legs felt strong and I really didn’t feel like another day in a city. The open road beckoned once again. Then it hit me across the face with a never-ending climb and some of the strongest headwind I’ve faced in a while. The wind was so strong and blustery that it pushed me around and I found it hard to maintain a straight line. As the morning wore on, grey clouds were blown aside to reveal a pale blue sky and sunshine. In the afternoon a new set of storm clouds took over the sky. The temperature dropped and I found my hands and feet going numb.

Slightly earlier than usual I decided to take an opportunity to find a camp when I came across a small dirt road running from the main road. I faced a choice. I could either follow it into some quiet-looking hills or I could set up camp in the tunnel that runs under the main road. The tunnel is like a giant culvert and provides access to a village next to the main road. The pros of the tunnel: more sheltered from freezing wind and protected from rain. The cons: I wouldn’t be hidden and cars will likely drive past. I decided on the tunnel so I’d be warmer.

Leaving home

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 55.73km
Average cycling speed 11.5kph
Total distance ridden 25,305m