The weather has changed since I made it to Malatya. The only warmth comes from direct sunlight, so it gets cold anytime the sun is hidden behind a cloud. And there are many clouds. Sometimes the whole sky is covered in them. Some of them are big and dark. I got rained on by such clouds today. But I also enjoyed some blue skies with warm sunrays. The winds are so strong at the moment that in a single day you can be passed by multiple storm systems. While the morning was absolutely freezing, my day has ended pleasantly warm. Well, not really warm, but not shiveringly cold. I have found a lovely spot to camp in a small field that feels as if it has been covered in straw to create a perfectly soft campground. On one side is the main road hidden behind a row of large trees. On another side is a creek lined with thick vegetation. The third side is a row of trees blocking the view of a field with recently tilled soil. The fourth side is the best – it offers an open view of a low hill that is dwarfed by snow covered mountains in the distance. The scenery is slowly getting more spectacular – the rolling hills covered with farmland that I have been riding through for quite a while now are slowly transitioning into rocky scarps and rugged snow-covered mountains. With the light almost gone from my world, the temperature is dropping dramatically. I spent the entire day riding with socks and gloves to stay warm.

As I turned off the main road towards Elbistan, I stopped at a little shop to buy some water and bread. I got 3L water and a large loaf of fresh bread for 3l (AU$1). As I walked out of the store I spotted a water fountain offering water straight from the ground. Money wasted. Oh well. I had a brief chat with a friendly group of men (as far as our language allowed anyway) and before I left the owner of the store gifted me with four pears.

My Achilles are giving me trouble again. I am also battling an infection in my armpit causing a huge, red, super painful lump under the skin.  Some kind of cyst? I have had it for about four days now.


Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 95.97km
Average cycling speed 17.1kph
Total distance ridden 25,401km