My travel grant application is done and dusted. I pretty much spent the whole day getting it completed. On waking up I simply grabbed bag of snacks and my laptop, and remained in bed as I typed away. Eventually, I couldn’t stand the knowledge that I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet, so I moved out of bed and had a shower and clean-up. A quick walk into town provided me with some bread to make sandwiches. I devoured these rapidly before returning to bed and tap-tapping away on my laptop again. It took several proof reads (and lots of pdf copies in the process) before I had a final copy that was ready to send away. I can forget about the idea of cycling Africa for now and instead focus on enjoying the next few weeks until the winner of the grant is announced. Then I will know a bit more about the direction my life will go next year.

Home in Goreme

Accommodation $ Hotel dorm
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 25,668