I got going quite a bit later than I hoped, but I still managed to achieve my goal of riding further than 80km. I couldn’t identify the cause of the puncture I had to repair before leaving. In the end I decided replace the worn tyre with my final spare. I had tyre issues again at the end of my riding day, when I realised I had another slow leak. Rather than fix it on the road, I put enough air back in the tyre to get me to a place where I could spend the night. This is a flat section of uncultivated land between the fields of a farm, hidden from the main road by a rocky embankment, at the bottom of which I have set up my home. I couldn’t find any hole in the tube, indicating that it has the tiniest of pin pricks. I didn’t want to use my water to search for the hole using the air bubble technique, so I decided to just replace the tube with one of my two spares (a used tube with 3 patches). Unfortunately, after I had put the refitted the wheel to the bike, I realised that I had neglected to inspect the inside of the tyre in case something was poking through. I won’t be entirely surprised if I wake up and find the tyre flat. But hopefully I get lucky and find that I have resolved the issue.

In between dealing with tyre I had a very pleasant day on the bike. The sky was clear and the sun warm; however, the air was still cold enough to encourage me to wear socks, gloves and jacket while riding. I could remove these when I stopped for breaks, provided I was in direct sunlight, but as soon as I was moving I really felt the cool air. I was able to make my planned distance, despite a late (10.45am) start, because I didn’t face any climbs or strong headwind. Instead, I enjoyed cruising at a decent speed through slightly undulating hills on a road that followed the path of a gently flowing river. I have just enjoyed a dinner consisting of pasta and noodles cooked with the condiments that came in the noodle packet, topped with vegetables (onion, carrot, potato, capsicum and zucchini) flavoured with salt, cumin and two types of soup mixes. I had a few lollies for dessert. With my teeth brushed and bed clothes on, I am half tucked in my sleeping bag. It is getting very cold pretty quickly now the sun has gone.

Back outside

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 84.26km
Average cycling speed 18.8kph
Total distance ridden 25,752km