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Day 955 (Turkey Day 34)

I don’t know what came over me today. My body shouldn’t have been as strong as it was, having ridden for the past four days, but I was on fire. I decided I’d found the perfect landscape through which to ride fast. You would think this would be flat, but it wasn’t. It was a rolling landscape of gentle climbs and gentle descents. The downhills let me absolutely fly along and carry enough momentum that I conquered each uphill with ease.

The first part of the day wasn’t like this though. Instead, it was one very long climb. Fortunately the weather prevented me from seeing just how steep and long the climb was. For my first couple of hours I rode through fog so thick I slowly got damp and had water dripping off my helmet. My world consisted of what I could see in the fifty metres around me. The fog lifted at the top of the climb, but returned again as soon as I descended into the next broad valley.

As I was laughing incredulously at how I was absolutely flying along, I began to wonder if would be possible to ride all the way to Eskisehir, a destination I expected would take me two days to reach. I knew that if I could keep up my speed it would be possible. I also knew that to keep my speed for an entire day seemed like an impossible task. Yet as the day wore on I maintained the power output from my legs and I slowly realised I was going to make it. In the end I rode what I think is the second furthest distance I have ever ridden in one day. For seven and a half hours I rode at 21kph. That’s no mean feat if I do say so myself.

My body is pretty wrecked though. My Achilles tendonitis in my right ankle is still giving me serious grief and I’m finding myself walking with a slight limp to reduce the pain. My groin fared well, thanks to the sports tape I stuck on in the morning. It’s stuck on pretty well, so who knows how any days or weeks it will take to come off, but at least for now it’s doing a good job of preventing my bike shorts from rubbing holes through my skin. I have decided to continue moving tomorrow. I’m even hoping I can ride a similar distance as today, which would knock two days off my original timing.

Woolly traffic

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 161.68km
Average cycling speed 21.1kph
Total distance ridden 26,154km

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