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Day 957 (Turkey Day 36)

What joy a good breakfast brings when it’s included in the price of your hotel. The breakfast at Cesmeli is buffet style with great variety. Filling my face with an astonishing amount of breakfast food was as thrilling as my day got, and it was enjoyable for this very reason. It was really nice being inactive in a comfortable room.

I spent too long on my phone but ticked off some important to-do items. The first was very nearly finalising my choice of flight home to Australia in January. It took a bit of investigation to get to the bottom of baggage rules for different airlines, but I am confident I have worked out the easiest and cheapest option. I plan on flying with Emirates and packing my bicycle (and whatever luggage I can add up to a 30kg weight limit) as my main piece of checked luggage. I will send whatever doesn’t fit by courier, as excess baggage fees are just that: excessive. The flight from Paris would take 20 hours with a two-hour stopover in Dubai. I checked with my sister if it was okay with her if I got home four days before her wedding, just in case she needed help with anything before then. She is only likely going to need my help in the couple of days before it so she had no worries. I will let the idea sink in for a week or so before taking the plunge and buying a ticket.

The other thing I spent a substantial amount of time on was assessing route options across northern Italy and into France. I can either avoid mountains as much as possible and head around the coast to Marseilles before turning north towards Paris, or I can cut through the Alps. I mapped out different ways I could get across the Alps, and have tentatively selected one that avoids the hardest climbs and elevations, both of which will be problematic given my time constraints and the fact that I will be there in December.

I washed my clothes in the bathroom, the shower well providing the perfect trough. I ventured outside twice. The first time was immediately after breakfast to fill my water bottle from a public fountain that is part of the external wall of the hotel. The second time was to buy ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation in my Achilles tendon and surrounding area. Other tasks: upload photos to Facebook, update part of my website, send a long overdue update email to my family and close friends. When it came time for dinner I made a snap decision to not bother going out. Instead, I prepared a giant sandwich and ate some fruit. In between all of this I watched a movie called 50-50.


Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 26,309km

One Response to “Day 957 (Turkey Day 36)”

  1. Roelof Gort

    Hey Mark. A amazing journey is coming to an end. When will you arrive in France? In June i’ m visiting friends in Langres in France. If its possible, we could meet.

    Greetings!!! Roelof


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