After riding further than expected yesterday, why not ride just as far today and make it all the way to Canakkale. Fast forward 143km and I arrived.

Last night was fine. I got used to the creepy noises after a while and had a fairly good sleep. I got up before the sun and hit the road just as the day’s early warmth burned away the last of the mist. The day passed in a series of climbs and descents. I rode 64km before stopping for lunch, then 65km before having a toilet break and treating myself to a chocolate bar and a coke. You know you have been in a country a while when you’ve found your favourite Turkish chocolate bar. Mine is Metro, which is like a Mars Bar.

I then had just 12km to ride before entering the city, and another couple to push through while I hunted for a place to stay. I enquired at a few places to get a sense of the prices before settling for a hotel with a good deal. I would have stayed at the Anzac House Hostel except for some reason they refused to house my bicycle. At my chosen place, I had a very pleasant interaction with the owner and he helped me when my bike lock broke. When I pulled my bike lock out of my bag I got a shock when the key barrel part of it broke away. It is a decent Abus lock, so very disappointing. The worst part is that the padlock is still holding the two ends of my Kryptonite bike chain together and with no functional key barrel, I have no way of getting it undone. As a temporary measure, the hotel owner lent me a padlock and I doubled up the bike chain to get it around a pole. I am going to have to find someone with a pretty heavy duty angle grinder that can cut through the padlock and release my chain.

It was overcast all day and as I was out searching for dinner it started raining and hasn’t stopped since. Apparently it’s going to rain for the next few days. It’s good timing really as I don’t expect to be moving too far on the bike for a few days. Tomorrow I want to check out the ancient city of Troy and the next day I will be catching the ferry over to Eceabat and settling in there before exploring the ANZAC attractions.


Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 143.86km
Average cycling speed 21.5kph
Total distance ridden 26,589km