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Day 961 (Turkey Day 40)

It rained most of the night and water continued to fall through most of the day. After a delicious breakfast provided by the hotel, I did some handwashing before packing my waterproof bag and donning my waterproof pants and jacket. On the way to the minibus stand I grabbed some food. On discovering that there wouldn’t be a bus for an hour and twenty minutes, I walked around the city, taking any small street that took my fancy. I stumbled across the City Museum and was pleased to be handed a special book prepared for those who can’t read any of the Turkish display signs. I read about the history of Canakkale and was reacquainted with the legends surrounding the city of Troy. The bus ride to this ancient site was brief and I soon found myself walking past a replica of the famous wooden Trojan horse and looking at what is probably the oldest structures made by man that I have ever seen. A sign alerted me to the fact that audio-guides were available so I hurried back to the site’s entrance and collected one for 10l ($AU3.30). I’m glad I did as I learned a lot about the ancient ruins and the stories surrounding them.

I had been told that the minibus heading back into Canakkale was at 5.30pm. When I returned my audio-guide at 3.15pm, I was told that I’d just missed a 3pm bus back. Thus I had over two hours to kill. I found a park bench under cover from the rain and dozed. Back in Canakkale, as I walked back to my hotel, I passed a locksmith shop, my attention being captured by a wall full of keys. I thought I should show them my broken padlock in the hope they knew how I could remove it from my bike chain. I collected the materials from the hotel, prepared a screenshot on my phone that asked them in Turkish if they could help me, then visited the shop. I didn’t need my screenshot as sign language sufficed. To my bewilderment, the man working there inserted the key and barrel and a few loose parts into the padlock and somehow managed to force it open. Magic! Not only this, but they offered me a brand new, very solid-looking padlock to replace my broken one. In the space of one minute my lock problem was completely solved. I dumped the stuff back at the hotel and then headed out for my next task: dinner. It was an easy decision to return to the pide café I visited last night, where I had another delicious meal.

The Trojan Horse

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 26,589km

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