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Day 963 (Turkey Day 42)

What to think about how today went? A courageous success story, or a disastrous failure. I’m not sure which is more accurate.

The day started off really well. I was worried I would struggle to get the promised breakfast, as I was only one of two guests in the entire hotel and when I wandered downstairs at 8.10am to make my readiness known I didn’t see anyone about. Fortunately, just as I was about to return to my room, the lady of the hotel arrived with a loaf of bread in her hands and gestured me to head upstairs. She proceeded to lay out a very nice breakfast.

On leaving the hotel I found a public fountain to top up my water supplies with, then proceeded to get stuck into the day. A very light rain kept me cool in my full wet weather gear and I began to think how much of a good choice it was to ride instead of hiding out from what was supposed to be terribly wet and windy weather. It wasn’t long before this wet and windy weather hit me. And it was far worse than terrible. The rain was not so bad, but the wind was downright destroying. It blew me all over the place and was strong enough that even on a downhill it would bring me to a complete stop if I wasn’t pedalling hard. I worked hard to maintain a positive composure and at times it worked splendidly – I laughed in the face of the wind and chuckled at the situation I was in. At other times I was getting slapped around so much I felt like crying. My hands went numb until I couldn’t really move them. Then they began to hurt. I got stung in the face by sharp droplets of rain being pelted at me horizontally. In the end I knew the effort I was putting into moving wasn’t worth the distance I’d end up covering. After 25km of a horrendous struggle, I reached Gelibolu and saw a sign for a hotel. I took the chance.

Escaping the wind and rain, I stood in the lobby looking like a drowned rat for about fifteen minutes before someone showed up. I struggled to get out my passport as my fingers weren’t responding. Slightly shivering, I made it to my room and immediately had a thawing hot shower. I could finally relax. I dressed snugly, jumped into bed and put on a movie. Every now and then I would look out the window and watch the trees thrashing about wildly and the rain continue its downpour, and I would feel happy that I gave up for the day. I’d given it a good shot.

On the ANZAC tour

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 44.36km
Average cycling speed 15kph
Total distance ridden 26,633km

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