What a lovely place Greece is to cycle. I got started early and made the decision to make distance on the motorway despite learning the night before that bicycles are not allowed to use it (the motorway remains the safest place to ride however, because of its extra wide shoulders which keep me well away from any traffic). It took me on a big climb out of Alexandroupoli. When I came across an exit around Mesti, I decided I’d pushed my luck far enough. Instead of the motorway I rode a single lane road that ran parallel to it. This was when I started to appreciate my surroundings a little more. The road was in great condition and provided beautiful views across the surrounding countryside. At around Venna, I turned southwest and rode similar small roads through quaint villages within more impressive landscape. The sky was clear, the sun provided a little warmth and the roads remained in great condition. It looks like it was recently cotton harvest season, as everything was coated in the stuff and the fields looked freshly cut. I wound my way through low rolling hills leading to mountains in the distance.

Eventually, I found myself riding alongside the stunning Lake Vistonida, where I stopped to enjoy the view and eat the last of my lunch rations, which consisted of biscuits and fruit. I am finding that my hunger is increasing and I think it is to do with my body using up energy to stay warm. I pushed on until about 4.20pm, when I came across a perfect place to camp – a dry culvert running under the road. Dinner turned out magnificently and I wish all my dinners could be as good. I got the pasta perfect, had a good variety of fresh vegetables (red capsicum, onion, sweet potato, zucchini and carrot) and flavoured it with salt, cumin, soup mix and a tin of tomato/chilli fish. It was this last thing that made it particularly delicious. I have found that if I have some flavoured fish then dinner is always pretty good. Without it dinner tends to be bland and unexciting. It’s just about dark and the temperature is dropping rapidly.


Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 107.68km
Average cycling speed 14.9kph
Total distance ridden 26,894km