My eye is only getting worse, but for some stupid reason it only occurred to me in the middle of the night to actually start doing something about it. I made up some salt water and have given it a few good washes since. But I know it’s too little too late. It didn’t stop me getting out and about and falling further in love with Kavala though. After a lazy sleep in, I did a huge load of hand-washing before exploring the city, firstly heading into the old town and up to the hilltop castle that provides magnificent views across the city and the coastline it hugs. I was a little disappointed that the day was very overcast, unlike yesterday which was bright and sunny, but it didn’t do much to lessen the beauty of the place. After soaking in the atmosphere from up on high, I ventured down to the seaside and wandered along the port for a while before turning into some small streets that led me to a bustling market scene. I returned to the same café I found yesterday for some food and did a bit more food shopping for coming days.

On my walk, probably from being by the seaside and hearing the call of gulls and slapping of the water, I began to crave fish and chips. As I carried my shopping home I noticed a seafood restaurant a few doors down from my hotel. It was here that I returned for dinner, after going for another walk around town to absorb the night time atmosphere. I ordered mullet, fried pumpkin and a Hungarian salad, which altogether satisfied my cravings perfectly. I only just managed to squeeze it all in and had sat back in my chair when the manager of the restaurant delivered me a complimentary dessert of lemon-flavoured cream with fresh apple and a sweet raspberry topping. Of course I couldn’t just let it sit there, so I got on with piling it on top of my already full stomach. I then definitely had to sit back for a while before moving. Luckily, I’d brought my little notepad so I could spend some time jotting down the thoughts and ideas that have been occupying my mind lately.

On my way up to the castle

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Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 26,961