Today went extremely well. I woke up to weather that I wished I had yesterday on my day off, but which was still very welcome nonetheless – sunny, clear and relatively warm. I knew I was overdressed when I felt the morning air and I was able to remove a pair of socks, my warm leggings and my jacket before getting going. The scenery was stimulating. I loved riding along the Thracian coast and thinking about which little settlements I liked the most. I have now gotten used to seeing the heritage signs that are found everywhere in Greece, alerting you to the fact that some kind of ancient site is nearby. The abundance of such places is staggering.

Eventually, the road turned inland, or more accurately, the coastline veered away from the road and I found myself passing through the thick forest of a national park. My body felt good and the wind was light so I was able to move at a fairly good pace and exceed my expected distance. I thought I would exceed it a lot until I remembered that I’d changed the time on my watch so instead of finding a place to camp by 4.30pm, I now want to find a place by 3.30pm. My chosen home is a derelict building close to the main road and very close to a petrol station. The front of the building is completely open, giving me a beautifully framed view across Lake Volvi. Keen eyes can easily look in and see me and my tent, but I feel safe. One car stopped for a minute or so – with the inside of the shelter being quite darkened, I imagined it took a while its occupants to work out exactly what was in here. It’s now 5.45m and completely dark.

I passed 27,000km today.

Tucked away

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 105.58km
Average cycling speed 19.3kph
Total distance ridden 27,067km