The blasting wind I was experiencing yesterday afternoon continued all through the night, letting me know I was probably going to be in for another tough day on the bike come morning. A night-time toilet trip provided a beautiful view of a starry sky, so I began to wonder whether I could at least expect a cloudless (and thus dry) day. I didn’t let myself become too hopeful however, to prevent any disappointment if conditions deteriorated. So, as I got dressed in the dark and packed up camp by the day’s first light, I prepared myself for tough day of wind and rain. Even as I entered the day under blue sunny skies, I still didn’t let myself think I might be facing a nice day – there were enough grey clouds scattered across the sky that I was sure a storm could gather any minute. While I was free of rain on setting out, I wasn’t free of the wind, but, knowing how bad the combination of rain and wind is, I felt blessed to only be facing one of these. Around midday the wind began to die down. The clouds had still shown no signs of combining forces to wreak havoc. It was only now that I finally allowed myself to think that I might be blessed with a dry day. The weather never turned. At times the wind picked up and slowed me right down, but in general I had a very pleasant day on the bike.

The terrain proved unchallenging until I reached Edessa. From Edessa to my current camp spot (around 18km) I have been climbing steadily into the mountains. The scenery got more beautiful the higher I climbed. The air got colder. Now, the evening wind is so cold I can’t help but simply be in awe of it rather than feel victimised. I feel warm at the moment except for my toes, which are achingly cold. Unfortunately, the culvert I am calling home for the night forms the perfect funnel, directing the frigid air straight at my tent, which is perched on a patch of dry ground that is only just bigger than the tent’s footprint. Around me is a very shallow stream of water. My immediate surroundings consist of rolling hills covered in forest and orchards. Beyond these lie the snow-topped mountains that are the source of the freezing wind.

The mountains are coming

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 91.26km
Average cycling speed 15.6kph
Total distance ridden 27,239km