The day’s ride was simple and uneventful. I got going soon after the sun was up, quickly getting onto the main road that took me all the way to my new home. It rained on and off, but luckily the wind (which was a soft headwind) wasn’t too strong to make me freeze, and I only got cold when I stopped moving to eat. In Shkoder I did a quick circuit of the city centre before making my way to Mi Casa es tu Casa. I settled in with a hot shower before exploring the surrounding area on foot, completely stuffing myself with pizza along the way. Back at home I hung out in the lounge area reading my kindle (Tim Cope and Chris Hatherly’s Off the Rails) with my notebook beside me to jot down ideas about my own book I want to write. I ducked out quickly for a doner, then returned to the hostel in time for the night’s movie: Moana. The night disappeared in good company and I began to think about having a day off to enjoy the atmosphere.

Simple ride in the country

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 96.24km
Average cycling speed 18.7kph
Total distance ridden 27,644km