I am having an unexpected day off in Shkoder. I started thinking about doing so last night as I enjoyed chatting into the night with some of the volunteer workers here. Rather than have half a night’s sleep and battle through a big day on the bike, the prospect of having a day off in good company proved more attractive. I have also decided I can cover in two days what I planned to cover in three, so having a rest day now doesn’t change my overall plan.

Being amongst a friendly hostel community in Shkoder has made me feel nostalgic about travelling and a little sad that I have something (my sister’s wedding) forcing me to return home. At the same time though, I would have to return home at some point and to do so now isn’t all bad. But still, it would be nice to be able to continue travelling forever. My day has disappeared reading and chatting and with a brief outing with Bas and Jules to look for shoes and hair trimmer for Jules. I was invited to join the hostel workers for a pizza dinner. About five minutes ago I woke up on the couch, having day down to watch dine TV, signalling my need to get to bed.


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 27,644km