At least half of my day was spent sorting out a new phone to replace my broken one. This included visiting two phone shops to find out what was available in town, followed by a quick trip home to research my top two options, then a return visit to both shops (the first one being closed by this time) to purchase it – it being a Samsung J3-6. Rather than go straight home and play with it, I went adventuring around Mostar for a while. It was nice walking past the old derelict bank and orange gym again, memories out my previous visit coming flooding back. I’d explored the bank back in 2010 – the top level was a sniper’s nest in the war and I’d collected a couple of bullet shells. The old town was as beautiful as ever and I look forward to comparing my photos from today with those I took seven years ago. I stopped off at a supermarket to get some lunch supplies before finally getting back home to work on my phone.

The guy in the shop gave me a tip about Samsung’s Smart Switch app, which allows you to backup and transfer phone data between devices. To my amazement I got it to work and thus retrieved all my photos and contacts (and other stuff) from my broken phone. The only hurdle I faced was unlocking my broken phone while the screen was black – but I managed to get my pattern correct on the second go, just by guessing where the 9-dot grid was. The only data I really wanted to retrieve but couldn’t are the memos I have recorded on my S-Memo app (unique to Samsung Galaxy phones) but luckily it was relatively recently (in Iran when I faced battery issues) that I took photos of all my important notes, so I don’t really think I lost anything important there. The only annoying thing with breaking my old phone (besides the expense of a new one) is that I have lost my Whatsapp and Telegram numbers – they were started on SIM cards that are no longer operational and unfortunately to get these apps working on my new phone, they want to send verification SMSs to the numbers associated with the defunct SIM cards. Fortunately, all the people I am really keen to keep chatting to are contactable via Instagram or Facebook. While setting up the new phone, I decided to backup all my photos and other data onto my computer. All of this took a surprising amount of time.

Eventually I got so hungry I had to stop. I wandered to a mall where I had McDonalds before doing some grocery shopping. On the walk home I visited a bakery to finish off my dinner with some pizza and pastry dessert. While eating this I finished watching the rest of La La Land (the movie I’d fallen asleep to last night). Halfway through two guests arrived (two American girls working as English teachers in Prague). I stopped the movie and let them have their welcome meal on the table I had my stuff set up on. In the meantime I started packing my stuff and shifting it outside the room so I don’t wake them up in the morning. When they were done, I returned to the table to complete the movie. And now all of a sudden it’s getting late (10.39pm) and I am facing a relatively short sleep (until 6am) before I get up for another day on the bike. Today was harsh weather with severe wind and downpours, but tomorrow should be better. My quads are still really sore though after pushing them so hard yesterday.

Stari Most

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 27,958km