I am feeling very content right now. My stomach is full of delicious, hot food cooked on my camp stove. I am warm and dry. And I had a pleasant day on the bike. The day started with a quick check of emails and social media before I got onto packing my now-dry tent and the rest of my belongings. By the time I had finished stretching, the included breakfast had been available for ten minutes, so I headed down to the restaurant where I was fed bread, butter, jam, fried eggs and cheese. Together with two of my own bananas, I felt well fuelled for a good day on the bike. The nice lady at the motel saw me off as I pedalled across one bridge and through town to the bridge that forms the gateway between Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia. As I entered Croatia I was asked if I had anything to declare, to which I replied ‘no’, then I was free to go without so much as a second thought. Country number 25!

I proceeded to pass through quiet villages as I made my way north towards Glina. Thick grey clouds covering the sky slowly passed over and cruised away, leaving scattered clouds and blue skies. I could ride happily without my jacket on. Besides hellos, waves and head nods, I didn’t have any real contact with anyone all day. As 2pm rolled around, I began to keep more of an eye out for camping opportunities. I stopped to check out a couple of old buildings that I decided were unsuitable owing to their proximity to houses, the amount of rubbish (including faeces) present, and (not wanting a repeat of the other night) the rooves not being entirely intact. Eventually, I came across a suitable candidate. Despite, being on the main road and a short distance away from a house and farm buildings, I felt good about sneaking in. It looks to be an old, abandoned house. I have chosen the main room as my own. The windows are intact, as is the wooden flooring and plaster ceiling. There are even a few desks around, one of which I used as my kitchen benchtop as I prepared dinner. No one has come to investigate my presence, so there is every chance I got in without being noticed. It’s now just after 5pm and has been completely dark for the last forty-five minutes. It won’t be light again for another 14 hours.

The things you find

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 83.15km
Average cycling speed 15.8kph
Total distance ridden 28,375km