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Day 990 (Slovenia Day 3)

I stayed in my dorm room until late morning. When I ventured out it was to do some washing at a laundromat. The price of a wash at the laundromat was half that at my hostel. Unfortunately, I had to buy an expensive lemonade in order to get the right coins for the machine, plus I forgot to take my laundry powder with me, plus the promised WIFI at the laundromat wasn’t working, plus it was a long walk away…all of which meant I would probably have been better off just getting the hostel to do it for me. Fortunately there was still enough residual soap in the machine that my clothes came out smelling fresh and clean. I carried the damp clothes home and hung them around my bed before getting onto the task I was hoping to work on using WIFI at the laundromat. This was to plan my route through Italy and contact potential hosts through Warmshowers.

I planned a route through Italy and France and predicted where I hoped to stay each night. I want to have two days in Paris before I fly out to give me time to find a bike box, pack it for the flight and send some packages home by courier. Experience tells me it will take me nearly a whole day to prepare the box for the flight. This gives me 17 days to get from Ljubljana to Paris. No mean feat. I have worked out that if I push myself super hard, I might be able to make it in fifteen riding days. This leaves two days up my sleeve for rest/problem-solving. It’s going to be tight. It will feel like a miracle if I can pull it off. In the end I contacted five Warmshower hosts, hoping to find a bed for five consecutive nights. I also contacted a host further ahead in my plan who lives in a village where my great-grandfather was born. I am hoping to stay there and see if I can hunt down some family history.

Somehow the day disappeared on me – or at least it really felt like that after having a sleep in and because it’s dark by 4.30pm. I was hoping to buy some fresh food to make something for dinner, but discovered that the supermarkets are closed because it’s Sunday. I resorted to a kebab before finding a café that sells takeaway salads, which satisfied my healthy-food craving.

In familiar territory

Accommodation $ Backpacker Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 28,551km

2 Responses to “Day 990 (Slovenia Day 3)”

  1. Roelof

    Hello Mark.

    This incredible adventure is coming to an end. Thanks for sharing. I wished we could have met somewhere in France.



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