For the first time in a while I have decided to have two days off the bike to fully recover before my big push through Italy and France. My single days off lately have failed to give my legs time to regain their full strength and they have constantly been a bit sore. While resting today did my body well, I’m not so sure about my mind. I am growing increasingly anxious about returning home and today I started feeling a little depressed. I struggled to be motivated to complete my to-do list. (The list: look for waterproof gloves, safety vest and stove fuel; complete food shopping; retrieve my tent; and prepare some Italian language basics). Perhaps it was because it was the first time in a while I have had ‘spare’ time. I knew my chores wouldn’t take very long, so I felt a bit lost about what to do with the rest of my time. Of course the simple answer is go out and explore Ljubljana, but I even didn’t feel motivated enough to do this. I guess I am generally tired of being a tourist too. I ended up messaging my parents to see if they were around for a chat. We had an hour’s talk on skype, after which I messaged with my mate Jayden for a while. These things made me realise I don’t really need to be anxious about going home, as I am going to be surrounded by some wonderful people again. All I need to do is stay true to what I want and don’t rush into things. I can take my time to settle back into life in Perth and create the life that I want, rather than throw myself at things without a specific plan or goals in mind.

I didn’t buy any gloves as I decided they were too expensive (upwards of AU$100) and the weather is going to be okay for the next week or so. I didn’t find a safety vest but was told I could probably find one at a servo (I want one for riding in Italy and France, where in some parts I think it’s compulsory). I didn’t buy any stove fuel – I found some ethanol at a pharmacy but it was super expensive. I tested my stove with the gas canister I have been carrying since Nepal – I struggled to get it working well in the Pamirs and haven’t tried it since…but I got it working fine today so I might be able to rely on this to get me through to Paris.

Out of the five people I messaged on Warmshowers, I got a negative response from one place and haven’t heard from the others. This means my plan to have places to stay as I enter Italy has not worked out. I can see that most people haven’t logged into Warmshowers for many weeks – I think this is because it’s the middle of winter and no one expects to receive bike-riding visitors at this time.

Rather than eat out, I cooked dinner at the hostel. I am fortunate to have the dorm room to myself.

So much love

Accommodation $ Backpacker Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 28,551km