I ended up on completely different roads from what I had mapped out for myself to get from Pavia to Asti, but the route I took was a nice one, so I am pleased for my navigational mistakes. The second half of the day was especially beautiful as I entered more hilly country characterised by seemingly unproductive farmland (cold season scenes of tilled soil and pruned vineyards) dotted with quaint villages sitting atop the higher points in the landscape. When looking north, the icy mountains of the Alps formed a stunning backdrop, as did the clear blue sky. It was the warmest day I have had in a while and I was even able to roll up the sleeves of my outer long-sleeve shirt and wear just one pair of gloves to keep my hands from getting cold. It was especially nice to take in a 360 degree view and see all the villages sitting on their hills. In each village is a church with a tall clock tower that provides a nice silhouette on the horizon.

I made it into Asti at 4.50pm, ten minutes before the time I told my accommodation I would arrive. I was let into the apartment that forms Luna Del Belvedere by Andrea and after five minutes I was left to my own devices. There seems to be several rooms with a shared bathroom, but given that I am the only person here, I basically have an apartment all to myself. After a soothing shower (having pushed my body so hard over the last week, my legs are super sore and feel very bruised), I have just finished eating a very mixed dinner made up by my own food supplies: tomato and cheese sandwich, can of chickpeas, can of sweet corn, can of mixed carrots/potato/peas, biscuits with hazelnut spread, lollies, kiwi fruit, orange, pear, and muesli bar. Now I am readying myself for bed.

Hilltop havens

Accommodation $ B&B
Distance ridden today 109.72km
Average cycling speed 17.3kph
Total distance ridden 29,195km