After staying up past 2am chatting with one of the loveliest girl I’ve ever met, I was worried my day would be ruined through tiredness, but it actually turned out to be relaxed and cruisy. This was largely because I didn’t make grand plans to push myself too hard, instead taking my time and giving myself plenty of rests. First I had a very pleasant downhill into Cesana Torinese. From there I faced a climb up to Montgenevre. On the way I passed from Italy into France. Frequent breaks meant that the climb didn’t seem too long and before I knew it I had reached the top. There, I treated myself to a burger and chips while watching people pass by donned in full ski gear on their way to and from the nearby ski slopes.

The next downhill provided even more spectacular views than the first as I descended into Briancon. I rode through the town and to a hotel I thought might be suitable but unfortunately it was full. Knowing my best chance to find a place to sleep would be Briancon, I returned to the town, stopping into a sports store where I bought a pair of ski gloves. I am wearing every single pair of my socks on my feet now, rather than having a spare pair to wear on my hands, and even with two pairs of gloves my hands are getting cold. My new third pair of gloves should get me through the rest of my time on the bike without suffering the pain of frozen fingers. The friendly guy who served me suggested I ask about accommodation at the tourist centre in town. A friendly girl at the centre called a hotel that probably offers the cheapest rooms in town and reserved one for me. I had an almighty final climb to get there, as it was up in the old town, far above the tourist centre. I was welcomed in by a friendly old man. I relaxed for a while before getting clean with a shower and heading into town for some food. Now it’s bedtime (an early one). Tomorrow I face a 30+km climb. The descent after this will take me out of the Alps.

Welcome to France

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 38.53km
Average cycling speed 12.7kph
Total distance ridden 29,366km