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Day 1003 (France Day 2)

I will no longer make it to Paris by cycling – that’s the conclusion I have slowly reached today. The reason is that I was unable to cycle today because of heavy snow, and I really did need every single day to make it in time. I was slightly disturbed by this realisation at the beginning, but now I don’t think I am seriously bothered by it. I am in France and I have got here on a bicycle from my home in Australia. To catch a train for a few hundred kilometres at the end does not detract from this achievement. The idea of catching a train and getting to Paris a couple of days earlier than planned brings some relief. If I was to cycle I would be under immense pressure to not only make it, but to get organised to leave in a hurry. And I would be at serious risk of running into problems if I couldn’t immediately find a bike box and arrange for some of my stuff to get sent back home.

I will still finish cycling across the Alps though and this will be a nice final success. Hopefully tomorrow I get going. It stopped snowing in the afternoon, having commenced last night. This morning I had gotten completely ready in my upstairs room, only to walk down and be stopped in my tracks by the incredible sight outside the front door. The entire porch of the hotel was under at least two foot of snow. A thick layer of the stuff covered every surface. Using Google Translate, I had a chat with the hotel owner and learned that the roads would be blocked and even cars wouldn’t really be going anywhere. I returned to my room, where I have spent much of the day. My body has really appreciated the rest. My mind has been super active working through my next steps. The idea of catching a train gives me butterflies in my stomach, because it seems to be bringing the end nearer. If I get a train from Lyon then I only have two or three cycling days left. One day (1,003 days ago in fact) I had my first pedal push to kick off this journey. Very soon I will have my last.

Going nowhere

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 29,366km

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