Making travel videos…

Video intro (pic)

I am not exactly sure from where my idea to record the adventure through video originally grew. It might have been from watching other peoples’ cycling videos and thinking I could do that. Whatever the case, I had no previous filming experience on which to build, so it seemed quite out-of-the-blue that I found myself reading reviews of video cameras.

Having settled on a Panasonic V700 with a Rode Videomic, I first used the camera on a work trip in the Great Victoria Desert, where I recorded a story about what it is like to conduct a biological survey in a remote location. I absolutely loved the process of capturing my work activities on film and immediately knew that filming would become an integral part of the way I recorded my cycle journey.

After shooting the work video mentioned above, I didn’t have any further practice at filming prior to commencing my adventure. I simply pulled it out on Day 1 and started recording. The hardest thing I found about filming the journey is getting out the camera when I am physically exhausted or when I don’t want to interrupt a really smooth riding day.

I think I am improving incrementally with each new video I make and, no matter what comes of my efforts, I am having a lot of fun along the way.

I hope that you enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy making them. You can watch them on my Video Series page or by visiting my YouTube channel.