My bike ride is over – for now!

So many times during my journey I would be lying in my tent at night looking at a map of the world on my phone and dreamily tracing the route I was hoping to take the next day, the next week…month…year. In the early days of the adventure, the idea of actually riding the route I traced was unimaginable. But then, day by day, the length of the line I had ridden would grow and the length of the line I had left to go would get smaller. The dream came true. Now I have a pretty nice map to look at 🙂

Check it out on my Route page!

My bike ride


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Here is a map showing where I spent each night during my 29,600 km bicycle ride between Australia and France. Most points are precise; however, some locations (particularly those in towns) are indicative only (i.e. the points show the town I stayed in as opposed to exactly where I found accommodation).