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Here is a map showing where I spent each night during my 29,600km ride between Australia and France. Most points are precise; however, some locations (particularly those in towns) are indicative only (i.e. the points show the town I stayed in as opposed to exactly where I found accommodation).

Go ahead and click on each point to see which day of the journey the location belongs to. Then, if you want to read about what happened on that particular day, you can open my Diary page and use the search bar on the right hand side to search for “Day ?”. This will take you straight to my diary entry for that day.

2 Responses to “Route”

    • Budgie Escapee

      I created an excel sheet of all the coordinates. Then uploaded it into Google’s My Maps system. This gives you an option to embed the map into a web page.

      The hard bit was getting all the coordinates. At one time I had a lot of points saved in Maps.me, but after a technical glitch I lost them all. I still had some points from my early use of a dedicated GPS, and from sending SPOT tracker messages. But for many points I had to rely on my diary, google earth and my memory to try and pin point where I spent the night. Easy if I was in a town. Harder if I was camping.


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